Organic Lemon Powder Freeze Dried

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Organic Lemon Powder – Freeze Dried 25 Servings – serving size – 1 tbsp


Organic Lemon Powder – Freeze Dried 25 Servings – serving size – 1 tbsp

Though considered acidic in nature, when consumed in the body, lemons create an alkaline state in the blood and gut.

  • This wonderful citrus food was introduced to the Americas when Columbus made his second voyage in 1493 brought it with him.
  • In 1747, James Lind, a Scottish physician responsible for the hygiene of the Royal Navy, found that lemon helped cure and prevent scurvy in the sailors who were out to sea for months at a time. During the mid-19th century, when scurvy was quite an issue, lemons were in such high demand that people were willing to pay up to a dollar per lemon.
  • Until today, the British navy requires that there is enough citrus for every man on the ship to consume 1oz of the juice per day


Lemons, also known by their botanical name, citrus Limon, are a cross between the lime and the citron.

The lemon plant, which grows 10-20 feet in height, is known for its thorny branches and white flowers with slight purple edges. The acidic, juicy fruit is yellow, oval in shape, and has a wonderfully aromatic rind with powerful essential oils that gives off a refreshing scent.

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