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Testimonial - True story

We tried this food at a conference in Dallas.

I was amazed that the flavor was so powerful

The Strawberries reminded me when I was a little girl from my Uncles Farm in the 70's.  - R.C Dallas, TX

just added-Peaches, Bananas, Turkey, cheddar cheese,Brocolli





Roast Beef

Whole Egg Powder

About Us


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Simply Clean Foods is dedicated to providing the best quality food you can buy next to fresh from a farmer's market! Our stringent quality controls and absolute zero GMO and testing for heavy metals makes us unique in the storable foods market. Just because our food is freeze dried doesn't it make just for emergencies.

Our line of fruits, vegetables and meats are suitable for everyday use and you won't  have to worry about throwing away food that you don't use.

Take out the amount you need and reseal  the package for use within the next six months.


What We Do

Simply Clean Foods revolutionizes the freeze dried food industry. Chance and Merrill have set out to make cooking and eating both convenient and healthy while reducing your  food bill.

There are not complete packaged meals like many competitors do. Every package has one ingredient and one ingredient only. Whether you are using sweet corn in a winter chowder, making beef and broccoli or baking Mom's apple pie, Simply Clean Foods can be by your side.


Why We Do What We Do

Simply Clean Foods' primary focus is to bring clean food to people all around the world and change the way we look at freeze dried food in our daily cooking.  

As a community focused company, we strive to help our veterans through food donations and well as being there to provide food to victims of natural disasters. During  Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, Simply Clean Foods donated over 20,000 servings of food to people in need on the ground via volunteers.

Cooking Simply Clean

See how easy it is to cook cleanly and simply!

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