Honduran Coffee Whole Bean Monthly

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Simply Clean Foods is Proud to offer this Simply Clean and Organic Coffee to the line up.

This Coffee is very special, as it is Graded Grade 1: Specialty Grade Coffee Beans: (no primary defects, 0-3 full defects, sorted with a maximum of 5% above and 5% below specified screen size or range of screen size, and exhibiting a distinct attribute in one or more of the following areas: taste, acidity, body, or aroma.) This particular region also boast several tasting awards as the second smoothest coffee in the world (second only to Kona Peaberry from Hawaii that sells for $25 to 35.00 per pound.

This is a product of Honduras and has all the environmental factors on its side: soil, altitude, climate, and farmers who are increasingly better trained in agricultural practices.

These selected coffee beans are also certified FAIR TRADE, which allows the farmers and pickers to earn a livable wage in order to support their families.

Best of all this is Organic Coffee which reduces the amount of herbicides, pesticides and fertilizer entering the ground, maintains partial forest canopy, reduces erosion, etc.

Now..THE TASTE: Smooth, Mellow with hints of Pear…Medium roasted to perfection!


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